<![CDATA[Bell and Associates, Inc.: talent_showcase]]> http://TALENT.BELLSEARCHFIRM.COM/ en-us <![CDATA[Manufacturing Plant Controller]]> Our candidate is currently the Controller for a manufacturing company in the KC area and has been there for 12 years. He has 27 years of controllership experience in total and has become well versed in legacy ERP systems (wrote a report writing platform for his current company). He also holds his CPA.

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<![CDATA[Vice President of Sales & Business Development]]> Our candidate is a Senior Executive that has titles that include VP of Sales and Business Development and Director of National Accounts. Throughout her career, she has represented manufacturers and acted as a liaison to set-up distribution agreements with domestic and international retailers and distributors. She has helped with strategy, analysis and presentation to companies and helped open doors and managed the work-flow throughout the process. She has experience internationally in China and India with distributors, importers, and freight forwarders. Her background also includes inventory and shipping brokerage as well. She is used to traveling 80% of the time in client-facing situations to ensure strategic plans are hitting timelines and assisting with collaborations and vision. One of her strong suits, she feels, is how to customize pricing, marketing and online strategy. She has managed seven direct reporting managers and 50 associates indirectly with between $20-$100MM in fiscal responsibility.

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<![CDATA[Pricing/Analytics Manager]]> Our candidate has a Bachelor's degree in Business and an MBA plus just under 15 years of analytics experience including serving as a Marketing Analyst, Pricing Strategy Analyst and in Manager roles specializing in pricing and business intelligence. With a flare for crunching numbers and using that data to develop strategic pricing and profitability analysis, he is prime for a new role that will allow him to make a positive impact on an organization with multiple needs. He has been at his current company for several years so has a firm understanding of logistics, but also prior experience with an insurance firm. 

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<![CDATA[Manager of Business Strategy ]]> Our candidate has spent the majority of his career in manufacturing and the industrial goods space mainly as a manager of the strategic and business side of his industry. He likes to take a real-world versus academic approach when it comes to looking at the strategic business opportunities. He has been charged with profitability and evaluating global market competition as well as internally looking at how to utilize "go-to" market strategies and proper channels for success. In 2000, he was told to make the acrylic division he was working in to just "break even" for a success benchmark and 15 years later that division is seeing revenue of $25MM yearly. He feels that one of his strong suits is to develop value propositions with commodities and judging the -economically viable projects for his company. He works hand-in hand with the CEO and other stakeholders to communicate and share the knowledge he has gained by utilizing open communication with others in his industry in finding patterns and trends. With his Masters in both Finance and Marketing, he feels he can link between the manufacturing environment and profitability.

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<![CDATA[Controller/CFO]]> Our candidate is currently a Senior Operations Manager for a company who deals heavily with oil & gas and he handles $600 -700 Million Dollars in assets. Along with his operational duties, he does play a heavy role in their finances including the creation of detailed financial models to support acquisition of critical infrastructure. He has also worked prior as a CFO and VP of Finance in his former roles. At one point in recent past, he led underwriting and execution of a development equity investment in a $1B gas-fired power plant.

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<![CDATA[HR Executive]]> Our candidate has launched their company’s KC based headquarters, growing the office to 100+ personnel in first year, and 300+ in three years, while establishing HR operations, redefining culture and managing multiple acquisitions (total workforce of 750+). This person has supported the company’s brand transformation, championing the alignment of people practices with corporate values and methods.  She managed the cultural repositioning for leading the company-wide reorganization, organization development and operational initiatives resulting in $30M in total savings. She provided management and oversight for the standardization, optimization, and shifting of back-office administrative services (40 locations) to a centralized shared services center.  She drove this agenda leading to recognition by the Kansas City Business Journal as KC’s Best Places to Work (2012, 2013, 2014) and ‘Healthiest Employer’ (2015).  She implemented and enhanced digital solutions enabling HR efficiency and insights including SAP HR/Payroll, Taleo, ADP, Concur, Workday, and Paycor.

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<![CDATA[Contract Controller]]> Our candidate has been a controller for roughly 18 years and is looking to spend the next 4-5 years contracting with a focus on large projects such as conversions, implementations, moving of operations etc.. He has experience with several ERP systems and has done implementations with MAS, SAP, & CMS. He has also had experience with moving plant operations across state lines including the opening of new plants and the shutting down of older ones. He thoroughly enjoys helping companies identify their ultimate end goal and helping them reach it.

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<![CDATA[Accounting Manager]]> Our candidate has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and over 20 years of experience in the accounting field. She has spent the last 10 years as the Accounting Manager leading a group of 3 individuals. She is tasked with analyzing balance sheet and income statement accounts, reconciliation of the company’s bank accounts, processing company’s cash receipts to AR ledger, and preparation of financial statements. Software experience: Ariba, SAP, DeltechVision, Powerpoint, Excel.

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<![CDATA[Audit Manager]]> This A-player is actively pursuing his next career opportunity so he can relocate to KC by end of year. He does not need relocation assistance. Additional info listed below:

-Audit Manager with large CPA firm's Dallas, TX office

-Has worked with clients $15M to $350M in revenue, publicly traded and privately held

-Top performer who has been promoted rapidly with his firm

-CPA with Master's in Accounting from KU

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<![CDATA[CFO/Controller]]> Our candidate has over 25 years of Accounting/Finance experience in Controller, CFO, and Director of Finance roles within a manufacturing environment. In his current role, he was hired as a Controller and was promoted to Director of Finance for a commercial furniture dealer. He is tasked with preparing annual budgets while delivering on-time, accurate monthly and year-end financial statements, providing detailed monthly reporting, and coordinating and managing all year-end audit work with an outside accounting firm and bank. He has led teams of 3-15. Software experience: AS400, Microsoft Office, TeamDesign.

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<![CDATA[Chief Financial Officer]]> Our candidate is currently the CFO for a large Midwestern private equity firm. Each individual company does between 10-70 million and they do about 250 million total. These companies range in industry from manufacturing to construction and technology. In the 3 years he's been with the firm, he's initiated all the internal audits and ended up saving the company 1.2 million by simply combing through numbers. He is very meticulous in his day to day and leaves no stone unturned. His motivation to move on is the intense level of travel and he's looking to find something in the KC metro.

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<![CDATA[Controller]]> Our candidate is the hands-on Controller type, accustomed to wearing many hats.  She has her CPA and Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service industry experience.  She has great process improvement and internal controls success stories and will make an impact with her next company.

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<![CDATA[Experienced Accounting Manager]]> Our candidate is an experienced Accounting Manager that has overseen both AP and AR. In those roles, she executed full cycle accounting, journal entries, general ledger updates, month end close and cash postings. She was also responsible for reconciliations, accruals as well as bonuses, rebates and sales/use tax reporting. As an experienced manager, she also assisted with the budgeting and variances based on benchmarks set at conception. In her AP duties, she oversaw the approval process of invoices, ACH wires, as well as preparation of 1099's and vendor set-up. She was also the company's Concur administrator and is familiar with issuing of company credit cards, expense reports, approvals and payments.


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<![CDATA[Digital Marketing Manager]]> Our candidate has a Bachelor's degree Statistics and MBA with Marketing emphasis. She started off in Analytics and data operations at a digital marketing firm in Boston and quickly moved into a Senior Associate role specializing in retail and consumer products until 2012. She then relocated back to the KC area to work as the Manager of Analysis and Insights. Since 2014, she has been doing web analytics and is currently the Analytics Manager with 1 direct report. She is focused on Digital Marketing but is open to try something that's new/different or stay in the same arena.


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<![CDATA[Executive Director of Human Resources]]> Our candidate is a master’s prepared human resources professional with years of advancing experience in human resources handing a variety of functions from recruiting, compensation & benefits, employee relations, compliance, employee counseling and performance management. She has worked in a variety of industries from manufacturing to transportation, real estate and insurance. She has worked in union environments but wouldn’t consider her skills in labor relations as one of her strengths. Due to recent changes at her current organization creating financial instability, she has begun considering her options in the market.


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<![CDATA[Analyst/Analytics Manager]]> Our candidate has a Bachelor's degree in Business, MBA with Finance emphasis and additional certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics. He completed an internship at Hallmark on the Business Analytics team in 2011 and was hired at a health care company in 2012 as a business analyst. Shortly after he was promoted to Team Lead and stayed on for over 5 years, learning a lot and gaining valuable experience leading/mentoring other analysts. He designed data visualizations and used Tableau, SQL and Excel extensively. Currently he is managing a business analytics team and open to new opportunities.


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<![CDATA[Recruiter/Recruiting Manager]]> Our candidate has nearly 15 years of recruiting experience both in contract and permanent positions and at staffing agencies and corporations. She is currently on a contract that is coming to an end and is looking for her next career move. She has recruited in a variety of different industries including manufacturing, healthcare and financial services and has led a team of five recruiters in the past. She has a charming personality and proactive approach to sourcing candidates.


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<![CDATA[Mechanical Process Engineer]]> Our candidate currently works as a Mechanical Process Engineer for an Equipment company and previously worked as a Process Engineer with a Minneapolis based manufacturer of milling equipment. He moved to Kansas City in June 2018, but his current role isn’t as challenging as expected and he is considering a change. He has a high exposure working with customers working through product modifications and re-design and collaboration with internal Engineers to modify and produce those changes. Although his Bachelor’s degree is in Milling Science & Management, he has a high proportion of Engineering coursework completed in the degree and has held positions of a technical nature since graduation.


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<![CDATA[Manager of Talent Acquisition]]> Our candidate brings a variety of recruiting expertise and experience in multiple industries to this position. He has worked for a variety of organizations including large, international corporations and smaller, local companies. He has held Human Resource Generalist roles as well as internal recruiting and talent acquisition management positions in both private industry and 3rd party recruiting organizations throughout the bulk of his career. He has experience utilizing Taleo and working in the Healthcare industry as well. He has worked on recruiting initiatives including on-campus recruitment fairs, partnering with career services teams and professors in the classroom setting up classroom chats, training/education. Currently, he is working as a healthcare Corporate Recruiting Manager. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and 11 years of experience.


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<![CDATA[Accounting/Finance Professional with CPA]]> Finance professional and CPA with extensive hands-on experience in accounting department management.  Extensive experience working with Board Directors and executive management, banks, brokers, consultants, venture capital partners, auditors, suppliers and customer relationships.  Areas of expertise in:

    • Accounting department management – including monthly closing, consolidation, general accounting, cost accounting, A/R, A/P, general ledger, fixed asset, payroll, internal reporting, and external reporting
    • Treasury management – including borrowing base reporting, quarterly debt covenant compliance reporting, weekly internal rolling 13 week cash forecasts, daily flash reports, and cash management during challenging financial situations
    • Relationship management – including external financial statement audits, benefit plan audits, tax compliance and planning engagements
    • Staff management & development
    • Budget development & forecast management
    • Merger, acquisition and divestiture management/coordination
    • ERP system implementation
    • SEC filings – including 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, and Proxy Statement preparation and filing

Proven track record of strong organizational and negotiation skills and the ability to prioritize multiple and complex tasks, often with conflicting deadlines.  Exercise a high degree of discretion, mature judgment, and tact in handling issues of a sensitive nature.  Advanced technical and IT skills in working with software applications including supporting and reporting software such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, MS Project, Adaptive Insights, Adaptive OfficeConnect, ADP, UltiPro, and Tableau, as well as fully integrated manufacturing, service, and distribution ERP systems such as Epicor, MS Dynamics NAV, JobBoss, and MAS 200.


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<![CDATA[VP of Operations]]> Our candidate is a Master’s prepared Operations Director with 12 years of experience. Currently, he works for a large manufacturing company as a Vice President of Operations and previous to that as a Director of Operations for a $10M steel and aluminum manufacturer of custom-built greenhouses. Although not certified, he has worked in Lean Manufacturing environments and also in ISO 9000 facilities.


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<![CDATA[Chief Financial Officer]]> Our candidate brings 7 years working within Distribution as a CFO. During his tenure, he increased revenues through growth from <$1M to over $6M in 2017. He presents as a driven, process improvement oriented, "expand and grow" minded leader who has been involved in redeveloping and repairing companies throughout his career. He recently relocated back to the Kansas City area.  He is currently leading his current company as CFO/COO remotely until he finds something in the KC area.


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<![CDATA[Big 4 Senior Auditor]]> Our candidate is a Master’s prepared CPA with Master’s degree in Finance and an MBA. He brings a mixture of public accounting and private industry accounting over his 12-year career. He worked 6 years with a regional firm for various governmental and not-for-profit organizations and the most recent 4 years as a Senior at a Big 4 public accounting firm. He has worked with a company which provided back-office support for the mutual funds services industry. After the operation moved his function, he joined his current company as a contractor which turned into a permanent role. He is currently seeking an opportunity in Kansas City in the private industry.


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<![CDATA[Director of Operations]]> Our candidate has a Bachelor’s degree and brings over 20 year of construction industry experience performing as a high level operations leader. He has strong skills in contract negotiation, financial leadership in budgeting, forecasting and planning and construction project management. He has worked with both domestic projects and international clients on projects up to $650M in scope. Current changes in his company has him open to considering other opportunities in the Kansas City area.


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<![CDATA[Benefits Manager]]> Our candidate is an experienced Benefits Manager who is currently overseeing two state health programs. She has spent most of her career in manufacturing and has extensive union benefits experience. In her career, She has managed union benefits including pensions based on union contract, performed periodic reviews of census and benefit details, reconciled reports for retirees and COBRA and worked with brokers on bench marking. As a person who likes research, she follows all legislation that effects both private and public industry benefits and has managed benefits in both PeopleSoft and ADP. She is proud of a major career accomplishment when she consolidated a 401K system, consolidating three facilities into one system, as well as creation of a unique wellness program for employees.

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<![CDATA[AP/AR Specialist]]> Our candidate is an experienced Accounts Receivable/Payable associate who has performed such functions as collections, billing and invoicing. Her experience also includes confirmation of correct coding for invoicing, confirmation of received invoices and confirmation of payment with the presentation of findings to the CEO. She has experience in dealing with payments in excess of $500K and has researched discrepancies down to the penny by working with other departments for the accuracy of payments and invoices.

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<![CDATA[Controller]]> Controller

Our candidate is a veteran manufacturing finance professional who currently oversees the financials for 4 operating plants and 6 co-manufacturers. Her vast costing experience reaches her facilities nationwide and includes working with 3rd party manufacturers, finished goods, purchase orders, conversion contracts, raw materials and packaging along with labor and job costs. In her experience as a Sr. Cost Analyst, she was tasked with whole plant costing including machine and labor costing, as well as being responsible for over three thousand material SKU’s. She has managed up to nine associates and overseen the day to day accounting functions, reconciliations and closing procedures as well as personnel development, performance reviews and merit increase determination for those associates. She works daily with the creditworthiness of customers, researching issues and performing collections. In a previous role, she corrected a faulty reporting system that lead to a decrease of collection accounts. Along with tenured fiscal closing experience, she has performed commercial and internal P&L reviews including reviewing of inventory transactions, sales orders and approving based on margin requirement. She currently performs analysis on the change in raw material prices and has implemented operating system overhauls and IT budget.

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